Jive Turns to Blue Chip Tek for its AWS Expertise, Allowing the Company to Establish a Stable, Scalable AWS Environment

Date: Mar 30, 2016

“It’s so important to start out right with AWS by establishing best practices for stable, scalable environments with controls and maintenance checks in place to keep systems optimized. Doing that with the help of an expert like Blue Chip Tek is a time and money saver, and simply, is just good business

Jive is the leading provider of modern communication and collaboration solutions for business. The company’s suite of products helps employees, partners and customers work better together. Internally, Jive-powered enterprise networks improve employee productivity, alignment and innovation. Externally, Jive supports customer and partner communities that drive higher sales, better service and greater satisfaction. Millions of users and many of the world’s most successful companies rely on Jive day in and day out to get work done, delight their customers and stay ahead of their competitors.

As a provider of software as a service, Jive has had to maintain a robust security and compliance posture including SOC 2. As Jive incorporated AWS as a platform for key services in its mobility offering the addition of public cloud compliance issues became a reality.To meet this need, Jive turned to Blue Chip Tek for their deep experience with AWS and to guide them through the new requirement

For Jive’s SOC2 certification project, Blue Chip Tek established standards to ensure that Jive’s existing systems – and any new systems running in AWS – would be optimized for consistency and security. Working in a quick-paced development cycle, the Blue Chip Tek team joined Jive’s team of engineers in two west coast offices and Israel based teams to smoothly implement the AWS landscape and optimize the cloud environment for the maximum amount of efficiency — all while remaining cost-effective and scalable. Together, the teams prepared for the SOC2 audit with in-person training, and, as a result of the collaboration, Jive successfully obtained its SOC2 certification.

“Blue Chip Tek has been a reliable partner and a first time success in solving for a complicated problem.Their willingness to engage in a meaningful way separates them from the pack.” said Nick Long, Jive Communications.

Post-Certification Success

After obtaining SOC2 certification, Jive decided to further its relationship with Blue Chip Tek by embarking on additional migration projects and maintenance.First, it worked with two of Blue Chip Tek’s AWS experts for four months to build out Jive’s new AWS accounts and infrastructure per the newly established standards. The next step was to successfully migrate Jive’s mobile services to the new AWS infrastructure.

The collaboration involved:

  • AWS Account, VPC and IAM design to ensure least privilege access within AWS
  • Development of automation, utilizing Hashicorp’s Terraform, for the automatic deployment of new environments into AWS
  • Migration planning for existing accounts to new accounts
  • Execution of migration including full DB migrations with minimal downtime

Then, after migrating its additional projects into AWS, Jive’s architecture team collaborated with Blue Chip Tek to design the foundation for Jive’s cloud native version of its flagship product. The work involved architecting a shared services layer that can be distributed worldwide and easily used by any new service developed by Jive in the future.

The Importance of Set-up and Maintenance in AWS Performance and Optimization

AWS is the platform of choice for many businesses like Jive that are looking for a scalable and cost-efficient IT infrastructure; however, the platform often requires a high degree of AWS expertise to both correctly set-up and customize the AWS solution to the needs of each unique business. Furthermore, due to the nature of AWS’s continuous changes, improvements, pricing changes, and more, it is imperative that companies using AWS hold regular audits to continue to optimize its performance over time. Reviews consist of evaluating instance types and sizes as well as other best practices.

As one of the IT industry’s foremost AWS experts, Blue Chip Tek not only conducts continuing performance audits, but it also engineers custom integrations from the start, saving both time and money for fast-growing companies like Jive.

“It’s so important to start out right with AWS by establishing best practices for stable, scalable environments with controls and maintenance checks in place to keep systems optimized. Doing that with the help of an expert like Blue Chip Tek is a time and money saver, and simply, is just good business,” said Joe Keegan, AWS Cloud Specialist at Blue Chip Tek. “Well planned-out environments ensure that AWS usage growth remains within company control and leads to success.”

About Blue Chip Tek

Based in California’s Silicon Valley, Blue Chip Tek works with technology startups and enterprises that need leverage over their IT infrastructures.Services include helping companies get started or improving their AWS environments with health checks, which involve customizing AWS architectures to specific business needs. In addition, the company develops security protocols for AWS security configuration and enforcement, and delivers AWS Training for SysOps and DevOps teams. Finally, through its architect concierge service, Blue Chip Tek provides regular ongoing support from experienced AWS Architects, who offer guidance on both infrastructure provisioning and deployment best practices, customized to client needs.

Contact Blue Chip Tek directly at BCT-sales@bluechiptek.com or 408-731-7700 if you need help developing an IT plan that is uniquely suited to the needs of your company.