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AWS Health Checks

Whether your business is utilizing a native or hybrid cloud environment, optimization is critical to ensure budget and assets are not being wasted. BlueChipTek Cloud Services' primary focuses are on cost optimization and operational efficiency. Through our analysis, reports, and services we remove the worries around idle or underutilized instance, storage, and compute resources.

Read more about BlueChipTek's AWS Health Checks-- one of the many benefits of being a BlueChipTek AWS customer.

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Meraki Insight

As new technologies continue to emerge and conventional IT environments are evolving into cloud-based environments, IT professionals must cope with the increasing pressure to provide end-user satisfaction. In today’s enterprise business environments, end-users are accessing applications hosted in the cloud a vast majority of the time. This is means there are variety of elements to take into account when performance issues arise. Usually the end-user only sees the problem but the problem could be due to any step in the network such as LAN, WAN or servers hosting the application etc.

BlueChipTek Solutions Architect, Nasib Ali, shares Cisco Meraki's solution called Meraki Insight to help provide visibility into your network.