AWS Well Architected Framework Image

AWS Well Architected Framework

Looking to insure your applications are well-architected, according to the well-architected standard?

AWS recently selected BCT as a partner for providing "AWS Well-Architected Framework" reviews for users of AWS. As a result of inclusion in this program we are excited to be able to offer a cost-neutral AWS Well-Architected Framework review to BCT’s existing and potential customers! Read what BlueChipTek Cloud Engineer, Colin Johnson, has to say about AWS Well-Architected Framework. 

Types of Colos Image

Types of Colos

After assembling your colocation team and figuring out the paperwork needed to start your data center, what is the next step? Knowing the types of colos available and each or their capabilities.

Read what Colin Corbett, BlueChipTek Engineer, has to say from his 26 years of experience in building infrastructure from the ground up.

Revisiting T2s Image

Revisiting T2s

Wondering if Amazon's EC2 T2 Unlimited Instance will work for your cloud workload? 

Read what BlueChipTek Cloud Services Architect, Joe Keegan, has to say about Amazon EC2 T2 Unlimited instance.