Our Favorite Juniper Products

Sławek Balcerzak, Sr. Solutions Architect shares with us some of his favorite Juniper products.


Continually evolving data security threats landscape calls for innovative and nonstop improving measures to fight potential data breaches and network infiltration. At the same time, it is extremely demanding and expensive for organizations of any size to build and maintain teams of highly specialized security experts and researchers to keep up with changes and adapt systems configurations to all newly discovered vulnerabilities. This is where cloud-based service such as Sky Advanced Threat Prevention constantly feeding enforcement devices with security intelligence and helping distinguish malware from benign files brings such an extreme value to CISOs and their teams.



Extreme pressure on data center compute resources to be agile, flexible and scalable creates challenges in multiple areas including security. In modern cloud infrastructure resources quite commonly need to be protected not only from external networks in north-to-south traffic patterns, but also on east-to-west routes. As far as private clouds are concerned, such services could be provided by hardware appliances, although it may not be a perfect approach with a need of hyper-scalability that some environments present. For public clouds it is very challenging if not impossible, especially with the goal of the operation costs staying on manageable levels. vSRX providing the same functions as Juniper hardware appliances, available in multiple sizes and controlled in the same way (CLI, Junos Security Director, automation, etc.) as the rest of SRX install base, is a very compelling choice to our customers who are operating in the hybrid cloud model.


We are observing utmost popularity of QFX5100 platform among our customers in both enterprise and data center segment, which is driven by such factors such as:

  • Expandability, both in terms of internal functionality (like VM hosting on switch) and compatibility with other HW platforms (for example to build Junos Fusion switching fabric or Virtual Chassis)
  • Meeting requirements to function as top-of-rack in data center or aggregation/edge device in enterprise networks in terms of features and performance
  • Ease of management, consistent with the whole Juniper portfolio among others, while keeping very competitive prices. As a result, total cost of ownership is very low, network investments are protected, as devices once purchased can easily be repurposed in other parts of the system if growth calls for element replacement.