Core Infrastructure Image

Core Infrastructure

One of our customers was continually frustrated by the length of time to provision new AWS accounts and to setup proper "Core Infrastructure".  Read more about Blue Chip Tek's success in automating the buildout.

The Rapid Evolution of the Cloud Consumer Image

The Rapid Evolution of the Cloud Consumer

Over the past twelve to eighteen months, there has been a fundamental shift in the general attitude towards cloud infrastructure. With Amazon’s collection of web service offerings (AWS) leading the charge into making the traditional data center infrastructure available as a consumable metered service, IT professionals no longer see th…
AWS VPN with Juniper SRX Image

AWS VPN with Juniper SRX

AWS VPN with Juniper SRX Prerequisites Juniper SRX running JunOS Amazon Web Services account Internet connectivity for the Juniper SRX device Familiarity with JunOS More often than not in the current technology business industries organizations are finding themselves in situations that require the agility and cost control features of the…
Clearing The Fog From The Cloud Image

Clearing The Fog From The Cloud

Blue Chip Tek has been helping hyper growth Internet technology companies design, procure and deploy data centers for over ten years. In recent years, as the availability, reliability and general acceptance of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offerings have come to market, Blue Chip Tek has seen a shift in…