Blue Chip Tek’s deep-seated partnership with Supermicro, takes advantage of what each company does best, to provide customers with total solutions that maximize value from their IT investment. A partnership which provides first to market innovation and the broadest choice of reliable storage, server, networking and cloud systems that perfectly meet your company goals, without introducing additional complexity or risk. 

Joint Value and Solutions

As a trusted partner, Blue Chip Tek will advise and manage the implementation of your Supermciro cloud environment, from cloud planning, adoption, or management and ensure integration and optimization of all of your current and legacy IT systems. Supermicro provides maximum choice based on their building block architecture to enable true workload optimized systems that deliver maximum performance, efficiency and value. Blue Chip Tek, has the technical expertise and product training necessary to take full advantage of Supermicro’s broad product offering, to design optimized solutions to your specific needs. 

Experts at Blue Chip Tek have a proven approach. We assess your needs and compare infrastructure services from a variety of cloud providers, help you create a sound cloud strategy that meets your company’s specific requirements, prepare your IT environment for cloud adoption, train your team, support you through every phase of the process no matter where you are in the lifecycle, and ensure you implement the best-practices associated with unifying and managing your entire cloud environment. 

With countless hours of training, you can rely on Blue Chip Tek experts to make it easy to set up best practices, optimize and make use of the options Supermicro provides for its customers running virtual systems, with vCPUs, memory, storage networks, IP addresses, firewalls and catalog capabilities, as well as the Supermicro storage cloud solutions. Blue Chip Tek makes the integration of your legacy IT, on premise and existing cloud systems as painless, secure, and cost-efficient as possible