Blue Chip Tek knows:

  • You’re highly disruptive
  • Technology is constantly changing
  • You don’t have time to evaluate new technologies or analyze the current infrastructure to plan for the best path to scale

Blue Chip Tek:

  • Extends your team with our solution architects
  • Leverages your experience
  • Solves some of the most complex data center, high performance networking and high volume storage challenges
  • Augments your team to assess your data center infrastructure capabilities
  • Identifies specific areas to optimize for higher performance, lower cost and greater business value

Blue Chip Tek offers:

  • A datacenter lifecycle management approach
  • Recommendations based on our real-world experience around procurement, integration, supportability, maintainability, amount of training required for your staff and end users, etc.
  • Significant improvement in your overall IT performance

Hybrid Cloud

We are the partner for both AWS public cloud AND private cloud solutions, offering a deep understanding of all leading cloud options. Whether you are moving to the Cloud, building solutions from the ground up, migrating an on-premise application to the Cloud, or already in the Cloud, Blue Chip Tek can help you to:

  • Assess
  • Design
  • Architect
  • Optimize your efforts
  • Contain costs

Choose from our OptimizedCloud, ConnectedCloud and ProtectedCloud options to best address your business and technology challenges.

Full Rack Integration


Blue Chip Tek offers a full-service, customizable rack integration program for building out the hardware infrastructure solutions your data center depends on. We can customize our rack integration program to meet your specific requirements, delivered on time and exceeding expectations, whether you need:

  • Integration for your custom-branded rack-level solutions
  • Large-scale multi-rack integration to expand your data center

All racks are:

  • Delivered fully integrated to your specifications
  • Validated or configured with specific OS or software requirements such as  OpenStack or Hadoop distributions based on your specifications

For colocation providers that do not allow third party racks, Blue Chip Tek offers on-site integration services:

  • All equipment and supporting materials are drop-shipped to your colocation provider
  • Our engineers assemble, deploy and test everything within the facility-provided racks

The simple six step Integration Lifecycle insures high-quality results each and every time.

Global Logistics

We leverage our experience with innovative, yet reliable, logistic alternatives, both domestic and international, and from a world-class network that links distribution bases, facilities and offices.

With the Blue Chip Tek Global Logistics Solutions Team on your side:

  • Execute global projects involving multi-country rollouts and implementations
  • Navigate international trade regulations with expertise in:
    • Global trade processes
    • Compliance
    • Customs and duties

Our flexible program complements your current abilities, extends your geographic reach, and provides you with the potential to pursue new geographic market opportunities with minimal investment:

  • Reliable services and fulfillment with 27 logistics centers and  13 Supply Chain Services locations on 6 continents
  • In-country fulfillment in 70+ countries
  • Local currency VAT-compliant invoicing and export law/compliance audit
  • Staging, strategic stocking, configuration and project coordination services expertise 
  • Minimized contracts and approved vendors while expanding internationally quickly 
  • Best of breed technology vendors such as Juniper, Cisco and Palo Alto Networks

Continue to leverage your centralized engineering and operations staff while expanding to new markets:

  • No need to hire in-country staff
  • Local currency purchasing in 60+ countries