Extend your team with Blue Chip Tek’s solution architects and leverage our experience solving some of the most complex data center, high performance networking and high volume storage challenges.

The rapid rate and growing volume of technology changes has left many IT organizations with little time to evaluate new technologies or analyze the current infrastructure to plan for the best path to scale. Blue Chip Tek augments your team to assess your data center infrastructure capabilities and identify specific areas to optimize for higher performance, lower cost and greater business value.

We take a datacenter lifecycle management approach by offering assessment, datacenter design, integration and support related services. Starting with assessment services, we analyze the current infrastructure capabilities and examine areas of improvement, given your short- and long-term goals. Our recommendations go beyond quick, shortsighted fixes or deploying the latest or hottest technologies. Our recommendations are based on our real-world experience around procurement, integration, supportability, maintainability, amount of training required for your staff and end users, etc. The net result is significant improvement in your overall IT performance.

Integration Services Image

Integration Services

Blue Chip Tek helps to get customers up and running quickly and reliably. Our invaluable experience in deploying very large datacenter infrastructures can be utilized to dramatically reduce the time spent to integrate and test their infrastructure within Blue Chip Tek’s datacenter.

Data Storage Strategy Image

Data Storage Strategy

We provide insight into business infrastructure to assist customers in determining where reductions in storage hardware and administration costs can be made within the current storage environment. We can further recommend existing storage resources consolidations by providing system-wide visibility and analysis of these resources relative to operational requirements, as well as recommending ultimate data asset placement on direct, near, and off-line storage.

Cloud Readiness and Optimization Image

Cloud Readiness and Optimization

By examining business processes and IT systems against cloud readiness assessments of operations, infrastructure, and specific IT attitudes, we determine the extent to which cloud services can /should be expected to be successfully implemented.

Network Assessments Image

Network Assessments

Existing network infrastructure, and the relative strengths and weaknesses of the components making it up, are reviewed for performance issues in order to identify necessary equipment additions or replacement recommendations and to generate a plan for network peak performance attainment.

Business Continuity Image

Business Continuity

By providing a “more complete” view of a customer’s technology lifecycles, we identify where and when their technology should be refreshed, where support for assets should be continued, and also determine where support costs for older equipment outweighs the costs of buying and supporting new equipment.

OEM Design and Procurement Image

OEM Design and Procurement

Purchasing agent’s can, and do, experience some level of difficulty when dealing with vendors, contract manufacturers, and also with environmental requirements of which they must comply. We provide resources to address these and other important and time consuming areas including product design, engineering and manufacturing design, custom packing, and logistical support.

DataCenter Design Image

DataCenter Design

We help to optimize IT spend by designing and architecting corporate IT solutions which provide the tools needed for ongoing and growing challenges like virtual application delivery and management, business continuity, disaster recovery, and remote and mobile access.

Cost effective customer service and training for startups to enterprises.

Our goal is to create a simple, effective and responsive support program to proactively manage your data center. Our team works as an extension to customers and partners with our expertise of current and emerging technologies and knowledge of customers’ operations requirements.

  • Seamless work with both customers and partners, to deliver measurable results to resolve any support issues
  • 24×7 access to critical technical information, such as FAQs and best practices documentation

Blue Chip Tek provides two levels of support along with optional basic educational programs for customer and partner training.