Whether your business is utilizing a full or hybrid cloud environment, optimization is critical to insure budget and assets are not being wasted.  With Blue Chip Tek Cloud Services, cost optimization and operational efficiency are our primary focus. Through our analysis, reports, and services we remove the worries around idle or underutilized instance, store and compute resources.  What makes working with Blue Chip Tek special is in our approach to producing relevant insight on usage and delivering actionable recommendations for improving your cloud practice.

Here are samples of the Blue Chip Tek Optimized Cloud Reports:

RFF: do you purchase short-term RIs?   Click Here: RI Report

EBS Eval: reduce the cost of your EBS volumes   Click Here: EBS Report

RDS Eval: reduce the cost of your RDS instances   Click Here: RDS Report

Next Gen: get an estimate of savings moving to current generation   Click Here: Next Gen Report

IAM Access Instructions: BCT IAM Role Instructions

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