• What is the AWS Well-Architected Framework (WAF)? A Well-Architected Review is an analysis of one of your applications running in AWS focused on five key areas: Operational Excellence, Security, Reliability, Performance and Cost. The Well-Architected Review provides a good opportunity to examine the architecture of existing cloud applications for potential upgrades or revisions based on emerging needs.
  • What is an AWS Well-Architected Review? A Well-Architected Review is a review of one your applications running in AWS. The Well-Architected Review is an opportunity to:
    • Learn strategies and best practices for architecting your application based on proven cloud design principles.
    • Measure your architecture against these best practices.
    • Uncover issues affecting the performance of your AWS environment and applications.
    • Improve your architecture by addressing and resolving these issues, and take care of emerging needs.
  • How long does a Well-Architected Review take? Reviews typically take half a day.
  • Who is involved? A review typically involves a Cloud Services Architect from BCT (with an AWS Solutions Architect – Professional level certification) working with the technical and business owners of the application. Well-Architected Reviews are a joint engagement with AWS – your AWS Solutions Architect will be engaged as part of the review.
  • What do you get? At the end of the Well-Architected Review you’ll get:
    • An AWS Well-Architected Review findings document identifying areas that are well-architected, that need improvement or that have critical issues.
    • A proposal for remediating one or more issues found during the Well-Architected Review.
    • You may be eligible for credits from AWS for remediation work – call us for more details.
  • How effective is a review? 100% of reviews, conducted by AWS, have found actionable items.

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