Blue Chip Tek And CloudHealth Help One Customer Save $240,000 On Their Annualized AWS Bill 

Our customer’s bill was up to $120k per month before we started using our Cost Optimization efforts and recommendations.

Our customer’s monthly bill was up to $120K per month before starting Cost Optimization efforts with and recommendations.  Currently our customer is at $100K per month before RI purchases, and the goal is $80K per month or less.

EBS Unattached Decreases – One of our first discoveries of their environment was the 1200+ unattached EBS Volumes, most being small 8GB or 32GB gp2 volumes whose DeleteOnTerminate flags were set to false. This brought monthly spend from roughly $8750 to $5250. We will soon run reports to make sure we can optimize the correlation of drive iops to instance iops, or make recommendations to swap io1 to larges sized gp2 where acceptable to meet iops requirements.

Elasticache decreases – We noticed a sizable uptick in Elasticache instances between April and May, and traced it back to several cache.r3.2xlarge instances in Dev/QA environments. Upon our recommendations they resized to more suitable cache sizes, namely t2 series. Bringing monthly spend from around $17,500 to $10,500

EC2 Decreases – The customer sought out zombie instances and resized some of the QA/Dev instances to be more suitable. We have not yet sent them a next-generation savings report, and they have not yet purchased RI. They have still gone from ~50,000/mo to $43,500/mo

Our next steps will be to run our report suite to find additional EBS savings, similar volume optimization for RDS instances, move to current generation EC2 instances where it makes sense, and get them a RI purchase recommendation report for production. The customer is also working with CloudHealth’s budget feature in order to send alerts to account holders if any account is projected to go above last month’s spend, especially in Dev/QA.