Blue Chip Tek is dedicated to customer success. We deliver innovative services and solutions enabling our customers to establish, maintain, and grow the data infrastructure footprint supporting their business anywhere in the world.


Below are links to customer testimonials of their experience working with Blue Chip Tek.  We take  great pride in the expertise and professionalism of our team.  Our customers consistently praise the high degree of business value and customer service we bring to the table.  As our customers will share in the testimonials, Blue Chip Tek goes the extra mile to exceed expectations.

Phil Steffora, CSO & SVP Technical Operations at ThreatMetrix

“Blue Chip Tek has allowed us to deliver projects on time and on budget. It has been a huge driver in our ability to be successful in our market..”

Phong Tran, Global Data Center Ops Manager at Instart Logic

“Working with Blue Chip Tek help me manage by shipments…help save time…we now have better predictability of when things will be delivered so we can move forward with our project.”


Dave Ta, Sr. Manager, Solutions and Architecture at Nutanix

“Blue Chip always meets our expectations and exceeds at what they do. They’re a very valuable partner for us.”

Justin Fitzhugh, VP of Tech Operations at Instart Logic

“Regarding our Amazon practice, Blue Chip has done significant work both with their partnership with Cloudhealth as well as their proprietary tools to come in and analyze what we are doing on Amazon and understanding where our spend is… And in just a few days they came in and reduced our cost by at least 33%.”

Jim Cook, CFO at Mozilla

“Eventually we started moving everything into the cloud… Blue Chip has helped us think about the pros and cons, the time to market, the cost, the flexibility, all of those components of making a decision to the bottom line critically important.”