Ansible for Windows Automation


The Red Hat Ansible for Windows Automation Workshop is a one-day, hands-on virtual workshop covering the basics of Ansible Automation including Ansible Tower to automate Windows environments. This hands-on workshop details utilizing Windows modules with Ansible Playbooks, authoring playbooks using Visual Studio Code, committing and pushing playbooks to git repository, and then later automating them […]

UiPath and Converge webinar: Accelerating Digital Transformation


In this session, UiPath (Leader in RPA) will explain and demonstrate how RPA can very quickly support core digital transformation initiatives The societal, economic, and health crises we are currently experiencing, reminds us the importance of accelerating digital transformation, so that, in the future, companies can operate at full capacity in all circumstances, and limit […]

Checkpoint + Converge Webinar: Cloud Guard Dome9 on AWS

Check Point Software Technologies and Converge Technology Solutions invites you to a webinar focusing on solutions that help in the security work when you move into the cloud. Once you start using the cloud, it seems very easy to get started. The story becomes something else when you start to scale up. The complexity increases […]

Snowflake Lunch & Learn + Hands On Lab


Learn about Snowflake and how to set up a data warehouse in practically no time! Join us online for a free, instructor-led hands-on lab to get your cloud-built data platform up and running to generate data-driven insights. Follow along in your own Snowflake free-trial account and have your questions answered by a product expert in […]