The challenges that prevent IT administrators from providing end-user optimal experience can seem unsurmountable. Our partner Cisco Meraki recently introduced Meraki Insight, a troubleshooting technology that significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to identify and isolate a problem.

As companies compete in today’s global marketplace, employees need to access mission critical applications faster and efficiently. Even with reliable and high performing network infrastructure, end-users can still experience performance issues. In order to have high quality end-user experience, it is very important to consider internal and external factors that could affect end-user experience. Meraki insight helps IT administrators to identify and troubleshoot the problem more effectively. Moreover, it gives IT professionals the ability to dig deeper, understand internal and external factors, and isolate the source of the problem.


Source: Cisco Meraki

Meraki insight provides visibility to all the levels of your environment and helps IT teams determine whether problem are caused by internal or external factors. It does this by using deep packet inspection and application analysis. The information is presented in graphs and charts that are intuitive and easy to understand. Furthermore, the graphs and charts will show whether performance issues are caused within the network or if it due to the WAN level or application layer.


Source: Cisco Meraki

The above image shows Ikarem CRM East app is red which indicates the application is not working correctly. This sort of information helps IT personnel understand the problem is in the application layer. Meraki Insight uses MX security appliances to provide granular application health scores. “Meraki insight relies on a collector that uses deep packet inspection to build up a picture of what is going on for a period (Meraki Website)”.


Source: Cisco Meraki

Meraki Insight is a licensed software technology. Currently it is only supported MX devices. There are different licenses models for Meraki Insight depending on the type of MX firewall you are using in your environment.

Cisco Meraki offers full stack solutions that can be managed from a single pane of glass. With the new Meraki Insight technology, we will be able to discover any issues on the internal network as well as the WAN level and application layer. What could have taken days or hours can now be solved in minutes.

If you are interested in Meraki Insight, please reach out to your BlueChipTek representative for more details and we’ll be more than happy to find a solution tailored to your environment. You can also fill out our contact form to inquire about this service.