OptimizedCloud Services

Whether your business is utilizing a full or hybrid cloud environment, optimization is critical to insure budget and assets are not being wasted. With BlueChipTek OptimizedCloud Services, cost optimization and operational efficiency are our primary focus. Through our analysis, reports, and services we remove the worries around idle or underutilized instances, store, and compute resources. What makes working with BlueChipTek special is in our approach to producing relevant insight on usage and delivering actionable recommendations for improving your cloud practice.

Please see the following datasheet for greater detail of our services that enable our customers to reduce cost, increase efficiency, improve reliability, scale with their growth, and secure their critical data:


Click here to view the BlueChipTek OptimizedCloud Datasheet


The BlueChipTek OptimizedCloud Services supports our customers that utilize Amazon Web Services. Click the link below to learn more about our AWS Practice and access the resources and services that add value to our customer’s cloud experience.