Build the right solution with Blue Chip Tek, not just a patchwork of technologies

Blue Chip Tek understands that companies must efficiently and effectively build, manage and control their information technology (IT) resources in order to realize their business objectives. The right IT solution is adaptable with the size and stage of the company, the industry and the business problem on hand.

We take a solution lifecycle approach – enablement, deployment and customer satisfaction. We start with enablement to ensure we design the right solution – by understanding business and technical requirements, bringing the best technologies, compute resources and processes. We test, validate and deploy the solution. And our end goal is customer satisfaction – whether we helped solve the business problem.


Over the last decade, Blue Chip Tek has expanded our core scope from traditional computing data centers, to virtualized computing technologies and now, on the forefront of cloud computing and “anything as a service” environments, we have become truly trusted advisors and collaborators developing IT strategies and roadmaps and enabling the execution of those plans for our clients.


Whether you are moving to the Cloud, building solutions from the ground up, migrating an on premise application to the Cloud, or already in the Cloud, Blue Chip Tek can help you assess, design, architect and optimize your efforts and contain costs. We offer a deep understanding of all leading cloud options and can build your cloud infrastructure and provide data center solutions to best address your business and technology challenges, as we have done at some of the most successful cloud companies in Silicon Valley.

Hi-Tech Manufacturing

Blue Chip Tek works strategically with many leading high-tech manufacturing leaders under pressure to streamline processes, reduce cycle times and costs, improve collaboration and speed innovation. We help scale their infrastructure, provide tailored IT solutions, find ways to achieve operational efficiencies, and leverage industry best practices to their ability to grow and innovate.


We help companies design, build and deploy OpenStack environments, guiding them through installation, configuration and maintenance to achieve the best possible cloud architecture. Blue Chip Tek experts have been thought leaders in the OpenStack space for years. We educate our customers through hosted events and onsite training, so they can set up OpenStack clouds. We also provide all of the professional services, bundles and support for our customers wish to build their own OpenStack cloud.


Software Defined

Software defined environments are offering companies more flexibility, responsiveness and efficiency when it comes to their compute power, storage, networking, and infrastructure needs. Working with experts from Blue Chip Tek to set things up right the first time, will enable IT to eliminate inefficient facilities and fixed-function systems from the start, and focus on managing other important improvements, services, and capabilities.


Start-up to Enterprise

For the past decade Blue Chip Tek experts have helped pre-revenue startups like YouTube and Mozilla become blue chip companies, delivering the just-in-time technologies that make their cutting-edge ideas possible. As a result, Blue Chip Tek has solved some of the most complex data center, high-performance infrastructure networking, and high-volume storage challenges in the industry to date. We can connect you with this strong network of clients who have faced similar challenges to yours, share our insights, industry expertise, honest opinions, and find the IT solutions that can fully support your business objectives.


The BCT Lab


When it comes to testing and prototype deployment of new technology solutions and services for our customers, Blue Chip Tek leads the charge.

Committed to being on the forefront of new technology; Blue Chip Tek makes concerted effort to learn, test and assess emerging technologies and the way in which these work together as part of an overall solution. It is from this Blue Chip Tek lab experience that customers are provided an ability to confidently benefit from being early adopters of innovative advancements in such areas as infrastructure networking, virtualization and cloud computing, data security, backup and recovery, storage management and more.

Built upon a team of technically skilled sales and support engineers, many of whom have worked throughout the IT industry and whom maintain ongoing relationships within these networks, it is the Blue Chip Lab which is one of the primary components of our overall value proposition offered and maintained for customers. It is Blue Chip Tek’s cross-industry expertise and insights that help our customers to compete and thrive in an industry where innovation is both an opportunity and a threat.


Blue Chip Tek provides customers with needed expertise with which it negotiates and secures the most favorable terms for new equipment and component acquisitions, and acts as their specialized procurement agents. Blue Chip Tek also engages on its customer’s behalf for contractual hardware and software support renewals. When these primary aspects are considered together, it is evident the Blue Chip Tek provides essential, “data center equipment lifecycle management” expertise covering current and emerging technologies, knowledge of the customer’s operations requirements and responsiveness to customer needs.

Customer Satisfaction

Blue Chip Tek acts, and is embraced, as an extension of our customer’s team. With expertise in current and emerging technologies, knowledge of each customer’s operations requirements and responsiveness to our customer needs, we are embraced as a trusted partner and advisor. Blue Chip Tek is able to architect, recommend and support data center infrastructure solutions that offer both cutting edge technology and extend existing legacy environments. Blue Chip Tek doesn’t just work withour customers, but rather for our customers, feeling each customer success.

As a customer-centric organization, Blue Chip Tek goes the extra mile for our customers. Whether it is opening a support ticket with a manufacturer, helping a customer go through its legal hurdles for a manufacturer’s beta program or tracking shipments for equipment delivery, Blue Chip Tek works for our customers. The net result is that Blue Chip Tek’s customers can focus on their primary businesses, fuel their growth and reduce risks.

From strategy to operations, Blue Chip Tek is committed to helping customers achieve their business goals and expand their performance for the longer term.