#TechTuesday: Amazon Personalize

Machine learning is being increasingly used to improve customer engagement by powering personalized product and content recommendations as well as fitting different results centric to the needs of the customer. This can even be used to targeted marketing promotions. Due to the complexity, building the machine-learning capabilities necessary to produce these recommendation systems has been beyond the reach of most organizations today.

Justin Cook, BlueChipTek Cloud Services Architect, will explain the benefits of Amazon Personalize and how it allows developers (with no prior machine learning experience) to easily build sophisticated personalization capabilities into their applications, using machine learning technology.

Machine Learning

First let’s begin by covering what Machine Learning is as a whole. Machine learning is an application of artificial intelligence (AI) that provides systems the capacity to automatically learn and evolve without being explicitly programmed.

Machine learning focuses on the development of computer programs that can access data and use it learn for themselves. The process of learning begins with observations or data, such as examples, direct experience, or instruction, in order to look for patterns in data and make better decisions in the future based on the examples that we provide.

The primary aim is to allow the computers learn automatically without human intervention or assistance and adjust actions accordingly. Machine learning algorithms are often categorized as supervised or unsupervised.

Amazon Personalize

Amazon Personalize is a machine learning service that makes it easy for developers to create individualized recommendations for customers using their applications. You can build an activity stream from your application – clicks, page views, signups, purchases, and so forth – as well as an inventory of the items you want to recommend, such as articles, products, videos, or music. Additional demographic information from your users such as age, or geographic location are also provided by Amazon Personalize

Amazon Personalize will process and examine the data, identify what is meaningful, select the right algorithms, and train and optimize a personalization model that is customized for your data. Security is of the upmost importance at AWS so all data analyzed by Amazon Personalize is kept private and secure, and only used for your customized recommendations. You can start serving personalized recommendations via a simple API call. You pay only for what you use, and there are no minimum fees and no upfront commitments.

Delivering personalization to individuals at scale requires a combination of the right data and the right technology. The algorithms used by Amazon Personalize are designed to overcome common problems when creating custom recommendations – such as new users with no data, popularity biases, and evolving intent of users – to deliver high-quality recommendations that respond to specific needs, preferences, and behavior of your users. 

Timing Is Everything

If a customer has spent time browsing products on your site, you need to understand what they’re looking for and respond with the right recommendations before they move on to another site. Amazon Personalize can blend real-time user activity data with existing user profile and product information to identify the right product recommendations for your users at that moment. With Amazon Personalize you can also easily add real-time personalization to your applications, to surface the most relevant video or article to a user.

Amazon Personalize enables companies to provide a cohesive and unique experience for every user across all channels and devices. Personalized recommendations from the model can be easily integrated into websites, mobile apps, or content management and email marketing systems, via a simple API call. Everything from on-site search, product sorting, recommendations and offers and can be tailored to individual users. “

Ultimately, you can build and own personalization within days, not months.

With Amazon Personalize, you can generate a custom personalization model in just a few clicks. Amazon Personalize automates and accelerates the complex machine learning tasks required to build, train, tune, and deploy a personalization model – so you can start delivering relevant experiences for your users quickly.