At BCT, one of the interesting issues we encounter with customers with a global footprint, are the various power requirements they have to deal with, as they deploy across the world. There are multiple voltages, amperages, as well as non 3phase and 3phase deployments to consider, which result in a wide variety of connectors needed. Also, there are differing connectors at the same amperage and voltage (eg: a L15-30 vs a L21-30).

One of the issues we had in the past was the ability to support all of the international plugs that we send out, and to make sure that they are tested here on-site at the expected voltage. This allows for PDUs to be configured in advance, and for hardware to be qualified/burnt in, at the expected voltage.

To address this issue, we recently installed a Starline Busway system that expands our flexibility in our burn-in/Staging area. This allows us to test multiple PDUs, (integrated or not), prior to shipping out, at the appropriate voltage.

For example in the US we can test power plugs, from a 20 amp single phase, up to a 60 Amp 3 phase.

For Europe / Asia we are now able to test plugs for there as well (240V 16Amp single phase up to 415V 32 Amp.)

An example of the supported power plugs for US:


An example of the supported power plugs for EU/AP: