In this intimate setting, Slawek Balcerzak, BlueChipTek Systems Engineer Director, worked one on one with attendees conducting lab exercises on the following:

  • Establishing policies to prevent known threats
  • Enabling sandbox threat analysis using WildFire to control unknown malware
  • Configuring decryption and URL filtering policies to manage high-risk applications
  • Enabling policies to prevent unknown attacks & zero-day exploits on endpoints with Traps

To top it off, everyone got to partake in a healthy lunch and cookies to fuel through the workshop. One lucky winner won the raffle for the PA 220 Next Generation Firewall.

“The best thing about the workshop was the actual hands-on and interactive session with the instructor. This helped us better understand the capabilities of Palo Alto. Of course there is more to this device, but this at least helped us get an overview and and idea on where to start from.”

Jay Patel, Network Engineer

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